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Welcome to Olson Professional Counseling Services, LLC

Olson Professional Counseling Services, LLC has been part of the Marshfield community since 2014. It’s founder, Jerry L. Olson, has been a professional counselor for more than 30 years. Olson Professional Counseling is one of only a few clinics in the area certified by the State of Wisconsin to assess and treat individuals convicted of Intoxicated Driving. Most insurance plans, as well as medicaid, are accepted. In addition, a reduced cash payment schedule is available for those without coverage. Olson Professional Counseling Services, LLC provides care for all individuals, couples and families in need of Mental Health or AODA assessments, treatment and counseling.

What is Counseling: Fact and Fiction (By Jerry L. Olson, LPC, CSAC)

What is counseling? That is a question that has entered the minds of many people of all ages, a variety of ethnic groups, and both sexes from all social, economic and educational backgrounds. Perhaps it would be best to define what counseling is not. Counseling is not someone telling you what to do contrary to your own will or inclination to do something. Counseling does not take away the control of your life or situation; rather, it provides you with the discovery of your own set of tools needed for you to regain and retain control of your life and any possible situations that may arise. Counseling is not lecturing, judgmental, belittling, degrading or dehumanizing; rather, it is encouraging, uplifting and very humanizing. Counseling is very objective and doesn’t give advice, but rather, helps you explore the various alternatives based on knowledge and experience from a non-biased point of view.

Counseling is a healing process giving encouragement and eventually courage to help someone face hard and difficult issues he/she could not have faced alone. Counseling can prevent problems from occurring and even stop problems from taking their unbearable toll in human suffering and misery. Counseling can save a life, a job, a future and a family. Counseling can help restore feelings of acceptance and self-worth and reestablish a positive direction. Learning to understand what we can and cannot change and moving forward while those in the world around you seem so pessimistic. A counselor is a friend you can trust with your deepest secrets and your most intimate feelings, knowing that they will always have the highest unconditional, positive regard for you, regardless of whatever it may be that you have said or done. Counseling places a premium value on the strengths, dignity and self-worth of all people.

At Olson Professional Counseling Services, LLC, Jerry believes in helping you discover the strengths you may not even realize you possess, and that everyone is stronger than they know; it may take adversity and a guiding light from another to help you discover that. Jerry then helps guide you to success focusing on your inner strengths. He is not there to change you; counseling is always only as good as the effort you put into it.

You are the one who helps yourself, as a counselor; Jerry can help you discover the route.

"THE OTHER WOMAN" (By Jerry L. Olson, LPC, CSAC)

I am having an affair with your husband. He presses his trembling lips against me and gently and lovingly caresses my body with his fingertips. I am very seductive; your husband just can’t get enough of me! He longs for me during the day and can’t wait to be with me at night. I know how to make him feel confident, proud and sophisticated. He pays tribute to me by giving his time, money and energy, surrendering his dreams, and forgetting about you! But, your husband has a bigger price to pay. For ultimately, instead of confidence, I’ll make him uncertain; instead of pride, I’ll have him wallowing in self-pity; instead of making him sophisticated, I’ll make him crude and obnoxious. Instead of heaven, I’ll show him the depths of hell. You can’t fight; your husband loves me! In fact, I’ll even destroy you, if you let me. I am more cunning, baffling and powerful than any women you have ever known.

I am the other woman...Alcohol.

Why Should I seek Counseling?

In life there can come a time when help is needed from others. Often, we may have a friend or family member whom we can depend on to assist us through those times. However, sometimes professional help may be beneficial such as:

  • When you find yourself becoming isolated from those around you.
  • Concentration becomes difficult or impossible.
  • Hobbies are no longer enjoyable.
  • When you use alcohol or drugs, television, internet, or other distractions to avoid dealing with situations.
  • When you regularly can’t sleep well or are frequently tired.
  • Your appetite is disrupted.
  • When you spend more days than not sad, anxious, or irritable.
  • Your relationships are struggling.
  • You have thoughts of death or suicide.
  • You find yourself engaging in behaviors that are harmful to yourself or others.
  • Home life, employment or school becomes difficult.

Payment for Services Notice:

Security Health Plan (SHP) Commercial, SHP Medicaid, FHC and Inclusa are not accepted by Olson Professional Counseling. SHP Medicaid has the option of changing their HMO to be accepted for our services. Please Note: Medicaid clients can change their HMO to access our services.

Clipart God
Jerry's Place

The Ones That Came Back

Why can't we forget about that Vietnam war?
Why do these memories keep knocking at our door?
For many a year we kept our lips sealed.
Hoping for the day our hearts would be healed.
For many of us the pain will not mend.
Until we're all back together again.
We're the ones that came back from that Vietnam War.
Only to see people that spit on us and swore.
So we build great memorials for our comrades in arms.
To honor these Warriors from ghettos and farms.
People look at memorials staring at names.
Some understand, some are insane.
We love our Brothers who died over there.
Why couldn't it been us – then someone would care.
Why keep building Memorials to honor our dead?
When it's us that's dying from letting this spin in our heads.

With Peace,
Vietnam Veteran
Bob Seidl

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